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                                                        1942 Two Shilling Coin Ring                          24 Carat Gold Plated 1951 Two Shilling Coin Ring



We specialize in making handmade coin rings and other coin crafts. We have been making and selling coin rings for several years now and slowly perfected the art. All coins can be made in to rings. The size of coin determines the size of the final ring. Please send an e-mail to Jason@coinrings.co.uk if you have any requests or questions that I can help you with. 















 Below is a 1947 George VI Two Shilling coin ring and coin




The coin and ring above are made from Cupronickel, this is a very hard alloy of copper and nickel. These rings take a long time to make due to the hardness of the coin. The higher the silver content the quicker it is to make a ring. As you can see the writing is very clear if you look inside the ring you can see GEORGIVS you might think this is a mistake from the mint. U and V are interchangeable in Latin hence it is spelt with a V.




Below is a 1956 Elizabeth II Two Shilling Coin Ring

These rings make intriguing presents especially if you use someone's birth year to make the ring.


This 1956 ring can be given as someone's 55th birthday or anniversary present!